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Arella Grille – Science-Backed Benefits Of Having A Healthy, Organic Diet

As unique and diverse as the human body may be, there's one universal concept that applies to everyone across the age board: when you have your health, you have everything. Supporting active adults throughout the greater Houston area, this is the core notion that Arella Grille was developed on to ensure Arella on Jones citizens receive the quality, health-rich meals they deserve.

“One of the things about the Arella Grille menu is I wanted to ensure it would appeal to everyone. I wanted to connect others with nothing but quality foods they are familiar with, form strong fellowship among the community, and of course, accentuate the health and wellbeing of our seniors." - Chef Frank Taylor.

All in all, it is no secret that what you eat drastically dictates the trajectory of your health/wellness both short and long-term. What you eat is what helps keep your immune system strong, your energy levels high, cognitive abilities on point, and ultimately enable you to live an active, quality life amid the golden years. This is the very reason why Chef Frank only networks with vendors that possess quality over quantity and leverages his 35+ years of industry experience to instill new levels of flavor, fun, and nutrition to the dietary scene. However, having full access to an organic diet that is as delicious as it is beneficial is one thing, but truly understanding the reasons behind its global hype on sustainable health is entirely another.

The Benefits Of Pursuing An Organic Diet

No Pesticides/Heavy Metals

From acute health concerns such as dizziness and nausea to chronic issues such as developmental toxicity and endocrine system disruption, pesticides are one of the key reasons to adopt an organic diet. Generally speaking, organic foods are derived without the use of harsh synthetic pesticides or things like artificial fertilizers – making what you eat clean and beneficial for your overall health rather than rendering the potential for long-term issues down the road.


Genetically modified organisms, aka GMOs, are something that can be avoided with an organic diet. For some insight, GMOs have a track record of causing toxic effects such as renal, pancreatic, and even biochemical reactions – all of which significantly hinder life quality on the granular and large-scale levels. But when something is certified organic, it means it was produced without GMO ingredients and meets the USDA organic regulations on what GMO-free foods must entail.

Artificial Preservatives, Colors, and Flavors Free

To date, no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors are allowed in organically grown foods in the Great Houston area and every other state for that matter. In contrast, foods that do allow such chemicals may "taste good" but are paid with the price of health. In general, foods that use artificial anything bring with them the risk of an inventory of health problems ranging from diabetes, obesity, and other food-related diseases. The solution? Don't allow chemically laced foods to be a part of your diet. Chef Frank applies this concept in every dish, and as a 30X Wine Spector award-winner, he includes these foundational conditions in the Arella Grille win list as well.

Higher Nutritional Value

Believe it or not, organic foods have been shown to embody higher nutritional value counts than their non-organic counterparts. This also includes foods that are still deemed healthy in the eyes of society. For example, a 6-year study on the antioxidant activity in organic onions over conventional ones found that the organically grown onions rendered more antioxidant activity and had higher flavonol content.

Summary – Take Control Of Your Health

In summary, introducing your body to a consistent flow of clean, health-inducing foods is what becomes the catalyst for better overall health ranging from physical, mental to even emotional. With key nutrients being the central element of body function, what you ingest ultimately determines how you will feel each day - a notion that can lead to you truly enjoying your active adult years. Not to mention eating healthy in general can also help counter imbalances that cause things like bloating, acid reflux, cramping, among other undesirable conditions holding you back from enjoying all that these years and the Greater Houston area have to offer.

In the end, always remember that health is everything. What you do, eat, and immerse yourself with all equates to the quality active adult life you envisioned for yourself. And since the body you have right now will be the same one you’ll have for the rest of your life, there's no denying that you should do everything you possibly can to take the best care of it.

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01 mars 2023

I totally enjoyed this article and truly miss Chef Frank Taylor and ALL that he added to the Arella Grille & Bistro environment. My husband and I were not informed of his departure from the "family" until after he had left. We truly were BLESSED tremendously by his expertise, compassionate interaction among the residents and guests here at Arella on Jones and most of all, his professionalism! He absolutely possessed a "uniqueness" that was a "win-win" asset to the Arella on Jones corporation. We miss you Chef Frank Taylor! GREATEST BLESSINGS!


Great Article. Thank you for sharing Chef Frank

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