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The Benefits of Retiring in Houston

Retiring In Houston: The Benefits Of Being An Active Adult In One Of The Nation's Most Senior-Centered Cities

Between the gorgeous weather, the never-ending array of recreational opportunities spanning 665 square miles to plentiful independent living housing options, it stands to reason why retiring in Houston is a top priority on senior retirement wish lists. In fact, Houston is one of three Lone Star State cities to be ranked in the Top 100 cities in the world and received an overall senior retirement score of 6.9 out of a 10-point scale.

…Not to mention Houston out-beats both New York and Los Angeles when it comes to diversity, a welcoming cultural notion that drives unique benefits all on its own.

All in all, it is no secret that being an active adult in a city of vibrancy, entertainment, inclusion, warmth, and a buzzing art scene is one more than worth experiencing. But as wonderful as those realities may be, what really seals the deal is the entire underlayer of perks that make Houston a prime senior retirement hotspot – and you guessed it, perks that truly accentuate those golden years in many more ways than just one.

The Benefits Of Retiring In Houston

Big City, Low Cost Of Living

Given the overall affordability of the Houston metropolitan area, it is a great place for retirees to settle down. Median home sale prices sit around $319,339, which is lower than several major cities and especially enticing compared to the national average of $315,743 in 2020. Furthermore, those seeking a retirement destination in Houston are able to take advantage of its many 55+ communities that provide quiet seclusion from city life along with a vibrant atmosphere of their own. Overall, Houston is an excellent choice for those ready for retirement, as there are plenty of luxury-level options available within a comfortable budget range.

Unmatched Tax Benefits

Texas offers major tax advantages for everyone who chooses to call it home. Not only does this apply to citizens who are employed and collecting a salary, but also retirees who will be relying on Social Security benefits. With no state income tax, retiring in Houston means you won't have to worry about paying taxes on Social Security benefits, withdrawals from retirement accounts like 401(k) or IRAs, or any public or private pension money you may receive - all of which makes Texas as a whole one of the most tax-friendly places in the United States for retirees.

World-Class Health Care

Retiring in Houston offers peace of mind regarding health and wellness due to the abundant medical resources available. Thanks to the city's world-class medical complex and highly-skilled healthcare workers, Houston boasts a superior healthcare system with more than 360,000 employees and 85 hospitals offering 19,300 beds. In particular, Houston Methodist Hospital is widely recognized as one of the top clinics in the nation – earning national rankings in nine adult specialties as well as high-performance ratings in nine procedures and conditions. In short, no matter where you settle within Houston, rest assured that exceptional medical coverage is close by.

A Foodie’s Paradise

Retirees living in Houston can make the most of their lifestyle by indulging in its vibrant restaurant scene. From classic Southern comfort food to more exotic choices, there are over 11,000 options for active adults to experience without ever leaving the city limits. Better yet, many of these hotspots are award-winning, attracting curious taste buds from far and wide who want to savor authentic flavors from around the world. With this much variety, Houston undeniably offers retirees plenty of delicious reasons to stay local and enjoy exploring its culinary background.

Endless Activities & Attractions

Retirees looking to take advantage of all that Houston has to offer can immerse themselves in its rich and diverse cultural life. With plenty of options available, seniors are free to explore art galleries, visit the Museum of Fine Arts, or enjoy one of the dozens of amazing venues and unique shops that can be found throughout the city. For those looking for a bit of outdoor excitement, there is also the Houston Zoo and Downtown Aquarium and the historic Space Center Houston. In addition, retirees can venture out to nearby attractions such as The Sam Houston National Forest or the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge for a pleasant day trip. Just be sure to check out the Arella on Jones website for senior discounts and public event highlights so nothing is ever missed or overpriced!

More Than Concrete

As the largest city in Texas, Houston is often considered a concrete jungle. But in reality, it offers a vast array of green spaces. In fact, more than 50,000 acres of park space can be found within Houston's limits, and that number is growing. Currently overseen by the Houston Parks and Recreation Department, these greenspaces include 366 individual parks, 200+ dedicated greenspace areas, and 125 miles of trail. This makes senior retirement in Houston perfect for those looking for plenty of outdoor recreation without scarifying the city life vibe.

“Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick

Houston, Texas – where the economy is strong, the cultures are many, and the active adult lifestyle is second to none. Overall, retiring in Houston is an experience filled with unprecedented benefits ranging from weather, affordability, entertainment, dining, and of course, independent living sources that help make those golden years even more golden.

So what’s the takeaway? Never underestimate just how impactful your environment can be. In the end, senior retirement is an amazing milestone worth celebrating, enjoying, and exploring in all the ways that mean the most to you. And this all begins by surrounding yourself in an environment that truly values your life quality just as much as you do.

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