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How To Start 2023 With Your Best Foot Forward

It's been said before and will be said again. There is an old yet truthful saying that floats around Houston that goes, 'when you have your health, you have everything.' After all, staying active and maintaining good physical and mental health is the key to unlocking your fullest potential as an active adult.

…But here’s the zinger: As necessary as prioritizing your health and well-being is, the harsh reality is that staying active after 55 (or at any age, for that matter) is not always easy.

With everything that goes on outside, it can quickly shift your mind away from where it matters the most - your own life. But just like the person you are today was built on the choices you’ve made to this point, that also holds true for your future as well. And at the start of this new year, now is a perfect time to seal in your healthy resolution deals, recharge your mind and body, and of course, enjoy all the life quality-boosting advantages that tag along with it.

1. Eat Organic, Healthy Meals

The whole 'you are what you eat' ideology has never been truer. After all, you can't have a healthy body if you only consume unhealthy foods. Because of that, be sure to take some time this January to nail down a more balanced meal plan filled with lean proteins along with organic veggies and fruits. Furthermore, steer clear of labels that include things like pesticides, GMOs, or added unnatural dyes of flavoring; all of which can hinder your health far more than help it. Overall, eating highly nutritious meals is all about placing your health first and without sacrificing the taste to attain it. To get started on this, consider making an intake list of what you normally eat daily. Then scan through the areas where you can replace nutritionally lackluster items with healthier, more fueling ones.

Click here to read about Arella Grille's mission and vision, along with more insight into the benefits of eating organically.

2. Incorporate Daily Physical Activity

First and foremost, you do not have to spend hours working out at the gym in order to achieve healthy physical dexterity. Exercising each day could be something as refreshing as a 30-minute brisk walk down the Houston sidewalks, weight training with some dumbbells, something more releasing like yoga, or even going a few laps in the pool. Whatever type of fitness brings you the most joy, that is what you should be focused on…i.e., don’t force yourself to run if you hate running.

In general, staying active as an active adult is what keeps your body and your mind in prime shape. It keeps your cortisol levels low, your flexibility and strength high, and your mind positive, thanks to those feel-good endorphins. Couple your preferred form of exercise with a healthy diet, and you can be confident that you are setting yourself up for whole-body success.

PS: Don’t forget to drink lots of water and allow yourself rest days when you need them!

3. Improve Your Self-Care Routine

Self-care, by definition, is caring for oneself. It is practicing deep self-awareness and giving your mind and body what it needs to revitalize in order to function at its highest possible potential. But more importantly, self-care is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Everyone has their own life needs to address, and it's up to you to unveil what those personal needs are. This can be anything from surface-level things like getting your hair down or splurging on some retail therapy or much deeper concepts like eating right, staying active, sleeping enough, and learning to say “no” to things that would drain your battery.

Overall, it is critical to realize that self-care is not just about being selfish for a day. Real self-care is making time to reenergize yourself in the way that best fits you and fostering a strong understanding that you have a right to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled. Lastly, it is knowing how to refuel your mental and physical needs so you become not only a better/healthier version of yourself but also a better spouse, neighbor, parent, friend, family member, etc. to others.

4. Seek Out GOOD Stress

Stress as a collective is something that you probably want to rid yourself of. However (and believe it or not), there is such a thing as ‘good stress,' and it is something you should begin implementing in your life to help push you forward on your health and wellness journey. Also referred to as eustress,’ this is the concept of seeking stressful situations that don't leave you worried or upset, instead feeling excited.

For example, you can achieve this by stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new to rush your adrenaline. And you guessed it, eustress can also be gained by exercising. The trick here is to view this new event, activity, or learning opportunity as a growth challenge rather than a threat. Doing so means optimizing confidence in yourself, lowering your bad stress and anxiety levels, and unlocking the ability to discover new, fun ways to recharge your mind and body.

5. It’s Time To Invest in Yourself

From a young child to an active adult, there is no question that the notion of “putting yourself first” is essential for everyone’s health and well-being. Though staying active and making foundational health changes may take some getting used to, the benefits are unprecedented in terms of life quality, both short and long-term. No, it may not always be easy, but know that everyone at Arella on Jones is on your support team and will help you progress at your own pace in order to reach your own goals.

So, let’s make the year 2023 all about tuning into you. Allow yourself to recharge with healthy activity, mindfulness, and meals. Give your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being what it needs to harmonize so you can overcome hurdles, manage stress, and transform into the healthiest version of yourself. Remember, life is way too short to be anything but happy and balanced, and within this living community, that initiative is certainly one you will not have to take on alone.

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Dec 19, 2022

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